The horizon greets us with one bright, orange eye, setting beyond the hills, shadows cast for miles across the landscape.

Er, wait.  No, that’s right.  I’m starting with a sunset; a “hello” sunset.

As for the name, I simply like the sound.  I don’t have a reason to believe it will connect with the blog’s content in some way, though that would have otherwise been my preference.  I settled upon “Intrinsic Delimiter” for the string of short “i” sounds; I like the assonant alliteration.  It popped into my head first.  In that way, I suppose, the title may yet connect with the content.

Moving on, I’ve played a lot of video games, and the idea is to expound upon them in some fashion. 

I have played a lot of World of Warcraft. I would hazard a guess at 10,000 hours worth. The average amount I’ve played per day has dipped sharply lately as I’ve picked up an Xbox 360 and have finally gotten around to playing more games thanks to GameFly and Steam. However, I’ve still got a lot to say about WoW…in the past, I played right up to the end of each expansion. The end of Wrath of the Lich King has seen the greatest (and perhaps only) slump from me in playtime.

That said, I’m a pretty avid Blizzard fan. I have played their games since Warcraft I (though I did miss out on Diablo I) and for the most part enjoyed them thoroughly. The main exception is in fact Diablo I, which I tried well after Diablo II’s heyday and did not like, particularly. I’ll blame the onset of better graphics.

Anyway, while I initially set out to talk about games in general, you’ll probably hear a lot from me about WoW. Fair warning.


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